Payment terms

We accept credit cards in the Visa, MasterCard and Maestro circuits.Payment can also be made by PayPal and MyBank.

Credit card payments are debited at the time of purchase of the product, without any extra costs.

For credit card payment the CVV2 code must be entered, which is the last three numbers you see on the back of the card.


Use of the 3D Sicure security system guarantees application of international security standards for on-line purchases with credit cards.After entering the CVV2, you will be asked to enter security code or additional information that will enable the card for on-line purchases, according to the procedures defined by the bank that issued the card.


For this reason, prior to proceeding with your purchase, please check that you credit card is enabled for on-line purchases.If it is not yet enabled, you must contact your bank.If the card is already enabled, prior to proceeding with your purchase, please check to see that you have all of the codes or specific security information on hand that is required to complete the transaction.