About Us

Wearing Dabbee is the new Italian brand dedicated to the world of Diabetes.

Wearing Dabbee is a project that arises from the meeting between Glicoitaly, an artisan company from Asti, and Movi Spa, a leading company in the Italian market for medical devices based in Milan.

Glicoitaly was founded in 2014 by the enthusiasm of Claudia, Luca and Marta.Among the main characters in this adventure is little Arianna, Claudia and Luca’s daughter, Marta’s granddaughter.It is the story of a family from Asti, with a history and tradition of fashion passed on from their grandparents, facing an unexpected future featuring Diabetes.The illness appeared unexpectedly in their lives when, in 2010, Arianna was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1.It was a difficult trial for all involved, with path for acceptance and awareness, to understand that it is possible to live normally and peacefully with Diabetes.Nevertheless, the family appeared to have a debt to pay with destiny, and a few years later Claudia was also diagnosed with the same illness.Both choose insulin pump therapy as the best route for a free, aware life with Diabetes.So, the love and skills of the grandparents quickly find original, fun solutions to allow first Arianna, and later Claudia, to comfortably wear their insulin pumps, along with everything else needed for an everyday life with Diabetes.Their entrepreneurial spirit took care of the rest, and shortly after, the idea took root to offer others in the same condition the original, practical, and, why not, fun accessories for freely wearing the devices for the management of Diabetes.

Movi Spa is a commercial company, founded in 1912.Its century-long history is a story of enterprise, design, and corporate spirit, always aimed at technological innovation and the desire to offer an always better service for people’s health.Wearing Dabbee is a new project, a challenge in partnership for a modern market that, thanks to the Web, is no longer constrained by boarders.

It is from this extraordinary human and entrepreneurial experience that Wearing Dabbee comes from, the most comfortable, innovative solution for wearing all the devices needed for diabetes management.


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